TRANSFORMATIONAL MANAGEMENT - Strategic Leadership for Growth

Learn how to effectively lead those around you, communicate ideas and expectations accurately and manage organizational finances. Learn to turn the ship for organizational growth. This session focuses on many aspects of transformation including but not limited to building momentum, board management, leadership, communication and vision, and finances.

Course curriculum

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  • 1

    TRANSFORMATIONAL MANAGEMENT - Strategic Leadership for Growth

    • Dr. Rutland's Background & Introduction to the NICL

    • How to Order Workbooks for the NICL Online

    • How to Upgrade Your NICL Leadership Benefits

  • 2


    • The Brand

    • Church World

    • Leadership Exercise: Church World & Logo

    • Your Brand and Rebranding

    • Leadership Exercise: Your Brand

    • Internal Branding

    • Leadership Exercise: Internal Branding

    • Market Capture

    • Leadership Exercise: Market Capture

    • Branding Q&A

    • Franchising and Branding (Part 1)

    • Franchising and Branding (Part 2)

  • 3

    Team Dynamics (Part 1)

    • The Ten Stages of Disloyalty

    • Leadership Exercise: The Ten Stages of Disloyalty

    • The Ten Stages of Disloyalty - Q&A

    • Final Words on the Development of Disloyalty

    • The Three Opposing Spirits

    • The Spirit of Jezebel

    • The Spirit of Absalom

    • The Spirit of Simon

    • The Recipe for Victory

    • The Three Opposing Spirits - Q&A

  • 4

    Team Dynamics (Part 2)

    • The Risk/Reward Quadrilateral

    • Decision Making

    • Decision Making - Q&A

    • Team Decision Making Process

    • Why Do Bad Decisions Get Made

    • Leadership Exercise: The Team Decision Making Process

    • Team Personal Contribution Bias

    • Leadership Exercise: Team Personal Contribution Bias

    • Get Everyone To Wear The Same Action Hat

    • Leadership Exercise: Wear The Same Action Hat

    • Three Creativity / Vision Games

    • Leadership Exercise: Creativity / Vision Games

  • 5

    Board Relations

    • Non-Profit Boards

    • Leadership Exercise: Non-Profit Boards

    • Ten Board or Team Member Roles

    • Leadership Exercise: Ten Board / Team Roles

    • Board Relations

    • Leadership Exercise: Board Relations

    • The Walker Method

    • The Staff Eldership and Trustees Model

    • Healthy vs. Unhealthy Boards

    • Leadership Exercise: Healthy vs. Unhealthy Boards

  • 6

    The Issue of Debt

    • An Alternate Way to Think about Debt

    • Leadership Exercise: Debt Policy

    • Risk-Averse vs. Risk-Tolerant and ROI

    • Leadership Exercise: Bad Debt

    • Understanding the Economic Realities in your Church

    • Dr. Rutland's Debt Management Rule of Thumb

    • Leveraging Examples of Debt Management

    • How People Give

    • Phone Interview about Running a Capital Campaign

    • Leadership Exercise: Giving

    • Giving - Q&A

    • Dr. Rutland's Testimony of Financial Blessings

  • 7

    Dr. Rutland's Closing Prayer

    • Prayer for Financial Blessing

The National Institute of Christian Leadership

Dr. Mark Rutland