Mini-Course Price

Experience a sample of teachings from each of Dr. Rutland's four main sessions.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    NICL Mini-Course
    • Introduction to Dr. Mark Rutland and the NICL
  • 2
    Lessons from CHANGE DYNAMICS (Organizational Definition and Balance)
    • Ten Leadership Functions
    • Quality is Meeting Expectations
  • 3
    Lessons from STRATEGIC GROWTH (Directing and Leading for Quality)
    • The Chaos - Control Continuum (Part 1)
    • How to Select the Right Staff (Finders, Binders)
    • The Value of Volunteers
  • 4
    Lessons from TRANSFORMATIONAL MANAGEMENT (Strategic Leadership for Growth)
    • Ten Stages of Disloyalty
    • Why Do Bad Decisions Get Made
    • An Alternate Way to Think about Debt
  • 5
    Lessons from COMMUNICATION & WORSHIP (Excellence in Expression)
    • The Purpose of a Worship Leader
    • Dr. Rutland's Testimony
    • Sermon Construction - The Three Questions
  • 6
    NICL Student Video Testimonials
    • Pastor Joseph Green - Lead Pastor of First Assembly of God
    • Travis Moffitt - President and Co-Founder of Connect Global
  • 7
    Mini-Course Assessment and Additional Information
    • Before you go...
    • Additional Information about Dr. Rutland's Leadership Training